It’s Pilot Season on Amazon

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If you’ve watched Alpha House or Betas, you know that Amazon Studios’ production quality and talents have grown by leaps and bounds. You might not know, however, that you can influence their original programming by more than just views: You can vote on which original show you’d like Amazon to “pick up.” It’s pilot season on Amazon, so it’s your duty, as a Stream Potato, to watch the pilots and vote on Amazon!

Note: You have to be a Prime member to view the pilots, but you can always sign up for an Amazon Prime 30-Day free trial (not an affiliate link) and get your stream on! Boom! You’re welcome.

UPDATE: Unless you have a Roku, Apple TV, or similar desktop device, I recommend you go to the Amazon Pilot Season page and add each of the ten pilots to your watchlist. Just click on a pilot thumbnail. Then, once at that episode’s page, click on the button that says “Add Season to Watchlist.” I say this, because I just checked on my Sony blu-ray player and, since Sony (not Amazon) is the one that pushes app updates via their firmware updates, the pilots were nowhere in sight! That’s a problem and Amazon could miss out on a lot of viewers with similar devices that, unlike a Roku or Apple TV, the apps/channels don’t update individually. In contrast, on my Roku 2 and the Kindle Fire HDX, there was a clear showcasing of the pilots in a row labeled “Amazon Pilot Season.” Albeit, on the Roku, it required some scrolling down about eight rows, at least it was there. By adding those pilots now to your Amazon Watchlist via your desktop or notebook computer, you’ll more easily find them on your mobile or smart device. This will also ensure that if the show gets “picked up” by Amazon, you’ll automatically have all the following episodes for that first season.

UPDATE: Yesterday, my kids and I watched all five of the kids pilots, but today I started watching one of the “big people” pilots, Bosch, and I literally yelled at the TV when Scott Wilson made an appearance, “Hershel!”


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